Nurture EPA Hub update...….Diversifying

Every action within the system is monitored to ensure compliance, best practice, monitoring, review and feedback.

This is to ensure:

v Industry knowledge and experience is displayed of professionals to accurately measure KSB's of Apprentice

v Approved Assessment Plans are used

v Required Assessment Methods are used effectively

v Employers have the confidence the Approved Plans are robust and fit for purpose

v Apprentice is fairly graded against pass, merit, distinction where applicable

v Apprentice has passed relevant requirements to the point of gateway

v Employers have the confidence the Apprentice is passing through a reliable service

v External Quality Assurance (EQA) Professionals can access where needed

v Published Quality Strategy is aligned to practices and processes

v Clear Complaints Procedures

v All data is protected by encryption

v Nurture EPA Hub is registered with Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

v Apprentice to be invited for feedback about progress route

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